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Tattoo & Company™
is the original trademark established since 2003.

Welcome to the official website of Tattoo & Co.™, South Florida’s premier Miami tattoo shop. Located in Midtown Miami, our Miami tattoo artists specialize in creating wonders by making your imagination come to life through body art, tattoos, and piercings. Our staff of Miami tattoo artists and body piercing specialists have a combined experience of over 20 years working in the Miami tattoo and body art industry.

If you are looking for the best in Miami tattoo shops, you’ve found the right place. At Miami Tattoo and Co – Midtown Miami, we know that body art is an expression of who you are, and we are as passionate about tattoos and piercings as you are. Whether you live in Miami, Miami Beach, Wynwood, Midtown, Kendall, Broward, or even if you are just visiting sunny South Florida, we invite you to visit our Miami tattoo shop and body piercing establishment. If you can’t make it to our Miami tattoo shop or are not in South Florida, we invite you to explore our website and enjoy our work samples.


Because of all you wonderful people coming to our shop, our three artists have their schedules full (and we are grateful!!) In order for us to accommodate everyone we ask that you please call ahead for an appointment. Too many times we have had someone drive from far away and be disappointed when we let them know we can’t tattoo them the day they arrive. We don’t want anyone to leave upset or let down. Of course anyone is welcome to come in for a consultation at any time, however it’s not realistic that we will be able to handle walk ins that expect a consultation, a custom drawn design and the actual tattoo itself on the same day. All of this requires an extensive amount of time and effort for our artists. Please keep in mind that we handle all tattoos in the order that they are requested and we do require a deposit for sketches/appointments. We will not accommodate a walk in if we are already booked with appointments (which typically we are). In the rare occasion that someone cancels or does not show up then we will take a walk in. This message is especially important to those of you that are new to the tattoo world and have never gotten a tattoo. Unfortunately reality TV shows have misrepresented how tattoo shops actually function. We assure you that you cannot get a full sleeve done in an hour at any shop. Getting a tattoo is long process…as it should be considering that it will be a piece of art that will be on your body forever. So if you want something crappy and done fast then we are not the shop for you..if you want something quality, custom and amazing then we invite you to email us , contact us on Facebook, submit a request form on our website or call us for an appointment.

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We are an OSHA Certified Miami Tattoo Shop and our state-of-the-art sterilization is at Hospital Standards quality. Our Miami Tattoo services feature Custom Tattoos, Permanent Make-up, Scar Cover-up, and much more.

We believe that it is extremely important to keep our working environment sterilized and clean for the best working conditions possible. Therefore above all the measurements we try to keep a sterilized environment, we also use Autoclave Testing Services. Autoclave Testing Service provides sterilizer monitoring for Tattoo & Co. Miami. They are a widely recognized industry leader in sterility assurance products, providing the most professional sterilizer monitoring service available in the industry.
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Tattoo & Co. Miami is an official member of the National Tattoo Association. The National Tattoo Association is an organization dedicated to the advance in quality, safety standards, and professionalism in the tattooing community throughout.
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Tattoo & Co. Miami is an official member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. A nonprofit educational organization that addresses and spreads awareness of the health and safety issues of the tattoo industry in order to strengthen standards.

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