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What is Scalp MicroPigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as hair tattoo, is a non-invasive hair loss treatment which strategically places pigments in your scalp. The goal is to simulate the appearance of hair follicles on a hairless area.The scalp micropigmentation treatment provides a solution to issues like bald spots, thinning hair or a receding hairline. Likewise, scalp micropigmentation can help you to cover scalp scars from accidents or hair transplant procedures. At Tattoo & Co Midtown, you will find fully trained practitioner with years of experience performing this procedure. To begin with, the scalp micropigmentation practitioner will work with you to define the best way to cover the problem area. Then, using a special follicle needle inject pigment into the upper layer of the scalp. In order to get natural looking results the practitioner follows a predetermined density pattern and uses pigment color that matches your hair and skin color. We only use high quality organic pigments and special follicle needles made for scalp micropigmentation treatment. The products we use on your scalp will not fade blue or green over the years. Let’s work together to get back the image you’ve lost with this amazing hair loss solution.

Scalp MicroPigmentation for Men

The American Hair Loss Association research shows that more than 65% of men experience common male pattern baldness or alopecia by age 35. Our team of trained professionals perform male perform scalp micropigmentation in south Florida. We are helping men of all ages to: • Cover bald spots • Add density to thinning hair • conceal hair transplant scars

Scalp MicroPigmentation for Women

In general, women hair loss issues begin with a diffuse thinning pattern. Female scalp micropigmentation works exceptionally well to hide this thinning pattern as well as cover bald spots. With years of experience in female hair loss solutions, the certified personnel at Scalp Ink Design are available to help you solve balding and hair thinning issues.