Artist Team

Resident Artist


Javier Acero

Javier Acero has been a tattoo artist for twenty seven years. He has always been intrigued by design and studied commercial design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota-Colombia. His personal and most preferred tattoo style is focused on oriental art and polynesian, with an extraordinary concept of bright colors and strong expressions of vitality and life throughout his tattoo style.

Javier Acero believes that tattoos are everlasting in a great sense, which joins the mobility of the person, projecting the art form on the canvas of life which is the skin. He is well-known for creating magic with his tattoos (a tattoo magician), due to his passion for the art form. Javier Acero has won a variety of awards and has been recognized by many for the craftsmanship within his tattoos and in other areas within the art world. While Javier is working for Tattoo & Co. Miami most of the time, he also makes trips to national and international tattoo conventions. He works everyday except Sunday and Monday.


Born in Medellin, Colombia. Interested in the world of Body Piercing at a young age, Lili began her career in 1995 with traditional piercings. Her taste for Body Art motivated her to begin her formal training and has dedicated over 20 years to her craft. She has participated in seminars in the USA and Mexico with the LBP (Latin American Body Piercing).

Her license in the USA allows her to practice the different techniques of piercing. She is always attentive and provides the best service possible to her clients, working with the highest standards of hygiene, and using premium jewelry. Award winners; Best Place to get Pierced consecutively from 2011 to 2015 by the Miami New Times. You can book your piercing appointments with Lily. Wed 12:00PM – 8:30PM | Fri & Sat 12:00PM – 12:00AM | Sun 12:00AM – 6:30PM


Carlota is a Colombian who started her tattoo career in 2017, working as a comunity manager in a tattoo shop, she found a love for the tattoo and now she specializes in blackwork, fine line, minimalistic and dotwork.


My name is Kamila, I am originally from Cuba living in Miami. I have been tattooing since 2020, which I thank Miami tattoo and Co midtown for opening the doors to me in February of 2021. Due to this great opportunity, I have been able to further refine and improve my tattoo techniques. I am eager to continue growing and learning on this path which is just beginning.


My name is Markos Tattoodk. I’ve been tattooing for over 19 years. I studied in various art schools, and at 19 years old, I began my tattoo career. I love all styles of tattooing. However, I specialize in black and gray, realism, blackwork, and trash polka. I also enjoy doing complex tattoos and cover-ups. The most important thing that I have learned about this art is that for me it’s not a job, it’s pure passion and dedication.

Guest Artist


Nestor Palacios

My name is Nestor Palacios, and I am a tattoo artist from Bogota, Colombia with over 23 years of experience.

I specialize in realism in color and black and tattoo. I also do painting, sculpture and photography as complementary disciplines to the art of tattooing since they help me incorporate concepts like texture, depth and contrast into my work.

Additionally, I have participated in different international events, as well as organizing educational events to up and coming tattoo talents with seminaries of topics such as: color techniques, portraits, animals, and black and grey, among others; and I have been an ambassador for the brand Eternal Ink for the past five years. Currently I am residing in United States. My objective is to give every client the best that the art of tattoo can offer.


My name is Taveras, I am 36 years old and born in Colombia. 

I started drawing since I was small, which has made me able to connect, understand, and relate to the world. With some years and dedication, I was able to get my studies in master of visual and art specializing in drawing, painting, and ceramics. 

For 14 years I have dedicated myself to the art of tattooing. Due to my studies in the arts I've had the experience to transform the ideas of my clients to high quality drawings. Being able to to get out of conventional art and learn the construction of incredible tattoos. 

I'm looking to show with my freehand drawings a vision more intimate and creative of a tattoo offering a new experience that will give unique results that are created from the lives and ideas of my clients.