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Kwadron Equaliser Neutron 4.0 stroke

Kwadron Equaliser Neutron 4.0 stroke

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Kwadron’s direct drive Equaliser® Wireless Pen has been equipped with a removable battery (2 included) so that while you’re working, one battery is in the machine and the other is ready in the charger. The body is housed entirely in aluminum, and has a 1.25” removable grip that allows the machine to lie more firmly in your hand. Three easily accessible buttons make the Neutron easy to operate, and allow you to precisely regulate the voltage in 0.1 V increments. The 4.5w motor has an operating range of 5-12V, however Kwadron® recommends running it at 6-10V. The Neutron’s built-in digital display shows: Voltage, battery charge level, and machine operating time (this is reset each time the machine is turned off). Each pen comes with 1 machine, 2 batteries, 2 additional grips and a battery charger.

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